Dave is one of the founding partners of DealerScope.  He began his career in the industry as the janitor and lot boy at his father's GMC dealership in the mid 70's. He spent summers and school vacations working in the dealership and worked at many jobs within the various dealership departments.


When it came time for college, Dave chose Northwood Institute, a school devoted to the auto dealer industry. He graduated from Northwood University in 1983, and went to work for ADP as an installer, trainer, and troubleshooter. Looking for opportunity, he left ADP for the retail automotive world. He held various positions, from selling cars to systems administrator and then became a general manager.


Later, Dave returned to ADP in 1993, and spent nine years in sales where he consistently achieved various sales level awards from ADP. In 2002, Dave left ADP to launch DealerScope.


Jay is one of the two founding members of the company. He, like Dave Schneider began by sweeping floors and sanding cars in his fathers body shop. He worked in various capacities at his father's dealerships throughout his pre-college years. He graduated near the top of his high school class and entered the computer science bachelor degree program at the University of New Hampshire in 1983. In 1987, he graduated from college and went to work for his father, Joe, at his newly opened Kenworth dealership just south of Boston, MA.


Jay started off in sales and soon after took over the parts department. Later, opportunity knocked and he became general manager and opened a second Kenworth dealership in the Boston area.


In 1990, the Alosa's sold their Massachusetts operations and Jay moved to New Hampshire and became the controller for his fathers dealerships. That same year he married Marci, and settled down in Concord, NH.

In 1997, a strong competitor of the Alosa's dealership group wondered whether Jay would be interested in buying his Freightliner store, and the deal was done just three months later. Jay continues to own and operate Freightliner of NH and now has two locations.


Even though he has a busy schedule as a Dealer Principal, computers remain a passion for Jay. He continued to write programs to help him run his business better, and believed that the management alert tool he conceived and created for his own use had a market had a place in the software market. Jay teamed up with Dave in 2002 to form DealerScope and take the product to market. (Read the History of DealerAlert for complete details).


Dick Schneider is the senior citizen of the group and father of Dave. Educated at the University of Illinois, Dick's working career in the "wheels" business started as a cub salesman with Trailmobile Trailer Company in 1964, and finished as President and COO of WhiteGMC Trucks of Chicago, the holding company that owned all (16) of Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corporation's company owned dealerships. Dick had overall responsibility for the sales performance and profitability of the 16 Retail Dealerships. If DealerAlert would have been available when Dick was running Volvo's stores, his job would have been 200% easier. No more reams of paper.  Just an e-mail and you know what is going on at 16 different locations.


With his many contacts in the industry Dick works with dealerships to tell the DealerScope Software story. He also works at the NADA and ATD trade shows to introduce dealers to the benefits of DealerScope Software.


Josh first laid his hands on a computer at the ripe old age of 8. In a couple short years he was doing remote data entry and maintenance for a small local chain of auto parts stores. Throughout high school it was not uncommon for him to be pulled out of class to help troubleshoot the occasional growing pains experienced by the extensive school network.


When the district computer/technology coordinator went on sabbatical during Josh's senior year, he and two colleagues sought, and were awarded, the position from the school board for the interim. Also at that time he began working for a nearby international amusement ride engineering firm before and after school in the IS department.


After high School, Josh began pursuing a Computer Science degree at Clarkson University in upstate New York. In 1999 he switched to the MIS program and graduated in May of 2002. During the summer of 2000 he was enlisted by Jay Alosa to facilitate a massive company-wide network overhaul and for general maintenance and support purposes. The two kept in touch and when Josh heard about DealerScope he hopped on board for another summer tour, sharing his time between Jay's dealerships and the fledgling software company.

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