Partnering with Treeno Software, Web Payable Integration automates Enterprise AP Document Management (EDM) into the DSI accounting system.


EDM allows you to eliminate paperwork, save time, and save money!


Check out Treeno Software!


  • No more waiting on approvers!
    • Now your approvers can okay bills from anywhere. Don't worry though, each employee sees only the information they need to do their part.
  • No more filing cabinets!
    • Scan, fax, or email your bills, contracts, or other documents into Treeno, then shred the paper. (Vendors can email their bills directly to your account!)
  • No more paperwork to shuffle!
    • Once a document enters the Treeno system, their powerful workflow automation software takes over, routing invoices to the proper person(s) for approval.
  • DSI Integration!
    • GL account numbers, vendor numbers, money amounts, and control numbers flow seamlessly between Treeno and DSI.


  • Document Management in the Cloud
    • Cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is growing in popularity as organizations large and small search for technology to increase employee productivity without increased IT costs.
  • Seamless Application Integration
    • Electronic Document Management without integration is only half of a solution. Treeno via DealerScope, integrates with your DSI's accounting application for "one click" document file retrieval, transfer and storage.
  • Powerful Workflow Automation
    • Treeno Document Workflow automation is an easy-to-use yet powerful system that increases the efficiency of your repetitive business processes by fifty percent or more.
  • Proven Document Management Solutions
    • Nobody buys technology for technology's sake. You have a business challenge that needs to be solved. Learn about the proven business solutions from Treeno and DealerScope.