"I can think of two specific instances where we sold new cars because we were alerted to the fact that the customer was starting to have too many repairs on their old one."

-Ron Petell, Dealer Principal, Profile Subaru, Conway, NH

"I get an e-mail when a pending deal is below a 4% margin. I still have time to act before the deal's done."

-John Desantis, Cranberry Motors, Machias, ME


"Our parts gross went up 1.6 points and 2.3 points during the first two months we used the software and has stayed right up there. We just didn't know that we were practically giving some parts away."

-David Stebbins, General Manager, Green Mountain Kenworth, Shelburne, VT

"In one instance we caught the Parts Department inadvertently pricing a wreck estimate to a local body shop at LESS than they were charging our own body shop!!! Nice catch! It makes a large organization more intimate and it is the closest thing to being in multiple locations at one time."

-Bill McKenna, President - McKenna Truck Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

“I’m a control freak and DealerAlert allows me to keep the pulse of my dealerships at all times. If there’s a problem, I know about it instantly.  Before DealerAlert I had to wade through a long monthly report and with such an overwhelming amount of information, would invariably miss some critical operational issue. The system easily saves my dealerships $75,000-$100,000 each year.” 

-Joel Avery, General Manager, Acura of Peabody, MA

"Dealer Alert nearly eliminated the need to clean schedules. I'm alerted to schedule issues as they happen and make corrections on the fly. Also, I see our parts & service managers much more interested in their sales grosses. I think its the instant feedback they get from the owner."

-Donal Loughery, Controller, N.E.A.D.S. Car & Truck Group, Concord, NH

"I can't imagine not getting the credit override alerts. I act on every single one. Knowing when there's an issue is half the problem"

-Dick Robertson, Credit Manager, Blueberry Ford, Machias, ME


"I've had to make almost no changes after the installation. My favorite one is the GL Transaction Alert - as soon as anyone in any of our four locations makes a posting to the General Journal, I know about it within 5 minutes."

-Dennis Griffin, CFO - S.I.A.M. Companies, NH


"Our overall cash flow has improved through better asset management. I'm alerted to aging warranty claims at 20, and 45 days and uncollected cash sales at 5 and 15 days. My managers get questioned about 1 minute after I get an alert." 

-Joe Alosa, President, N.E.A.D.S. Car & Truck Group, Concord, NH


"The funny thing is that our management meetings are different now. People don't need to be brought up to speed as much. I mean, you hear a lot of stuff like, "Oh yeah, I saw that alert".  Communication is better now."

-Scott Stebbins, General Manager, Freightliner of NH, Londonderry, NH


"I just wanted to 'THANK YOU' for this great program . . . It has made me a better manager and has finally given me a path to get REAL USABLE INFORMATION out of my [business system]. We have been on [the system] for 15 years and have never gotten this level of information that we can actually utilize. You are brilliant!"

-Jerre F. Penney, Dealer Principal - Bill Penney Motor Co Inc, Huntsville, AL

"I couldn't believe we got such good information right out of the box . . . Other vendors have promised 'real time information', but DealerAlert is the only product that let us catch a mistake and fix it before it got to the customer. If we hadn't caught it, the customer would never have told us, and it would have cost us some serious money."

-Bill Witcher, COO - Minuteman Ford, Walpole, MA