DealerScope offers a variety of dealership technology services that are provided on a case-by-case contractual basis. Specialties include RealityX, Pick, Unix, Perl, web integration, and all forms of network design. Capabilities also include a complete knowledge of vehicle manufacturers' communications systems (DCS, etc.) and how they integrate into a dealer's own network.


We can provide custom solutions to integrate web applications into your business system, but we do not build web sites (sorry).


Specialized projects are always enjoyed and we are happy to provide proposals on request.


Need a special program written to run on your DSI or ADP system? We can build almost anything you need. Our staff has thousands of hours of pick-based programming experience.


Manufacturers have been forcing new technologies on Dealers since the inception of the microchip. But did you ever see two factory software packages that were incompatible, or that worked well with your own network?


We can perform all kinds of dealership training. This includes software application training, network integration instruction, system administration instruction, how to securely integrate the Internet into your business, and so on. Training is billed at an hourly rate on a case-by-case basis.


Adding or moving stores? Don't want to spend a fortune? DealerScope can consult on your network project as an impartial third party. We have two of the very best dealership network consultants in the country who are ready and able to provide you with sound design with economics in mind. Network consultation is done on a case-by-case basis.


We can answer the questions such as:

  • Why does my warranty person have two terminals on his desk?
  • Why do we have to buy a new PC just for that?
  • Why can't this workstation access the factory e-mail?
  • Why do we enter our truck inventory into both systems?
  • Why can't you print that report on that printer?

Your local PC store or networking company can provide only some of these answers because they are not experts on: how manufacturers interface to you, how your business system communicates with your network, how your franchised factories work, or how you use the internet.


Dealer business system providers do a fair job of providing software for you, but are they helpful in implementing a solution that goes beyond the fringes of their software? Usually not. At DealerScope, we are experts in these areas. We can reduce your costs and make your employees more productive by melding these systems into one seamless network that increases profitability by:

  • Increasing the functionality of each workstation
  • Reducing the number of workstations and printers
  • Reducing the number of steps to complete a task
  • Allowing data to be shared easily

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